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Following the strides made by the CAAAQ report, which recommends that food sovereignty be a priority, the Quebec government has integrated within its agricultural policies that same policy with a few easy to achieve plans.

Thus, the mission for the ministry of fisheries, agriculture and nutrition, has been transformed into a social mission whereby, the focus on national food security is founded on an ambitious self sufficiency principle.

  • In 2012, the Canadian government will have integrated the food sovereignty principle in its “Growing Forward Agricultural Policy Framework.” This will make them a forerunner on the international scene on the topic of food sovereignty.

  • By 2013, the agreement on agriculture of the World Trade Organization (WTO) will take into account legitimate social, cultural and environmental expectations linked to food security. This recognition will permit countries to adopt measures that adequately respond to those expectations, without the pressures and prejudices of the WTO and other member states.

  • By 2017, Canadian agricultural and nutritional public policy will have a healthy assortment of ambitious food self-sufficiency programs and objectives. Adding to these challenges, these policies will take into account the right to fair pay, to health care, and to a healthy work environment. These goals coalesce into sustainable, permanent development.

  • By 2020, the countries of the world, for the most part, will have created a sufficient political space to develop their independent policies on the right to safe food. Furthermore, they will have created this space from the ground up through their grassroots organizations with the help of an international agreement that will except agriculture and nutrition from international agreements

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