Food Sovereignty

Food Sovereignty is:

  • In the Declaration of Montreal, adopted on September 7th 2007, we define food sovereignty as: the subordination of the right to trade to the right of peoples to local, healthy and ecological food production, achieved in equitable conditions, respecting the right of all partners to decent work and renumeration conditions. It is therefore the right of peoples to define their own agricultural and food policies, to protect and regulate national food production and exchanges in order to reach objectives of sustainable development, and their right to determine the degree of food self-sufficiency and to eliminate dumping from their market.
  • It puts nations’ right to food produced from their own human and agricultural resources ahead of trade, restoring the natural, rightful link between agriculture and food on a national and territorial scale;
  • It recognizes the significant climate, cultural, agronomic and social differences between the world’s regions and allows each nation to ensure these differences are respected through trade regulations;
  • It is a responsible strategic response to the unchecked liberalization of agricultural trade, as defined by the World Trade Organization (WTO);
  • It restores the right of each country to define and implement its own food and agricultural policies and degree of self-sufficiency, and to freely manage their domestic food supply;

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