What the Coalition Advocates?

The Food Sovereignty Coalition is calling for federal and provincial policy frameworks on food sovereignty, including several objectives:

  • Food security laws guaranteeing all Canadians physical and economic access to healthy food, access determined by the agricultural and human resources of the territory and based on common, progressive goals.
  • The protection and the promotion of ensuringaccess to a national food supply; 
  • An increased, required supply of healthy foods produced in Canada; 
  • Campaigns, programs and regulationsfavouring a significant retail portion of healthyfoods produced in Canada; 
  • Compulsory country-of-origin labelling for food sold in Canada; 
  • The protection and promotion of supply management, and organized, collective marketing; 
  • The protection of agricultural land in Canada (and in each province); 
  • Programs and regulations that favour:
    • Collective undertakings or, if necessary,government corporations;
    • Stable and fair prices for farmers and for consumers’ basic food commodities.

The Coalition also urges Canada to take on a strong international leadership role in support of agricultural exemptions and of food sovereignty,particularly in the WTO, and in other international organizations such as the FAO and the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

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